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Frequently Asked Questions

All your common questions and answers for Pilates & Dance are covered in the FAQs below.  If you have any further questions, please get in touch via my contact form

  • Do I have to be flexible for Pilates?
    No! You do not have to be flexible to undertake Pilates, in fact taking it up will help keep you mobile and improve your flexibility.
  • What's the difference between Pilates & Yoga?
    Pilates is generally a more ‘active’ form of exercise, it focuses on alignment and posture and strengthening and mobilising every joint of the body and focusing on core strength. Yoga is a more meditative practice and it can be more of a ‘lifestyle’ than just exercise. It focuses on breath and flowing movement and there are many different strands of Yoga, whereas Pilates is quite similar within the exercises taught.
  • Can I book individual classes?
    No, my classes are booked in blocks. As I have small classes (maximum of 6 in the studio) they get booked up quickly and I can’t offer free trials, but you can book into a course and if you decide it’s not for you I can refund you the remainder of the course thereafter. I also offer 1:1s if you'd like a private session to get a feel for Pilates and cover all the basics. In these sessions we can discuss your needs and any previous experience and questions you may have.
  • Do you offer classes for complete beginners?
    No. I don’t have a specific beginners class, however I can offer a few 1:1’s to get anyone new to Pilates to cover the basics and from there we can discuss which class might be suitable.
  • How long after having my baby can I come to class?
    At least six weeks post having your baby and longer for a C-section. You need clearance from your midwife or doctor to begin or comeback to pilates classes.
  • Do I need any equipment for Pilates?
    No. All equipment is provided for at my studio. If you undertake any classes from home then purchasing some small equipment is recommended.
  • How many people are in a Pilates class?
    No more than six people are in a class in person at the studio. No more than 12 in total online and in person for hybrid classes.
  • Do you have classes for advanced level Pilates?
    My Monday evening classes are suited for those with a good understanding of Pilates and feel they can be challenged. These are pitched at an intermediate level working on advanced exercises.
  • What styles of Dance do you teach?
    I specialise in contemporary dance and can help with courses that have an element of Ballet, Jazz and Tap such as Musical Theatre courses. I can help with Ballet but for professional ballet training options I would refer you onto my colleague who is a specialist in this area.
  • What does Dance Mentoring involve?
    Dance mentoring is for aspiring dancers if you need help un-picking options of where to train or career paths to follow. With my Dance qualifications and having studied at the Royal Academy of Dance, I can help you navigate the vast options out there, help you find the right courses for you and guide you through the application process including help with personal statements. My dance mentoring is available online or in-person at my studio in St Albans.
  • What's the difference between your Dance Coaching and Dance Mentoring?
    Dance mentoring can take place over the phone (chat or video call) and emails or face to face. It is more for help with personal statements or application support and advice when applying to Dance Schools and Universities. Dance coaching is more of a practical session where I can help you with technique, build confidence for auditions or help with solo work for upcoming exams.
  • Do you run any Dance classes?
    No. I don’t run any dance classes, just coaching and mentoring, but I can direct you to Dance classes local to St Albans that I'd recommend. Please drop me a message using the form on my contact page and I'll send you my list of recommendations.
  • Do you work with schools and dance schools?
    Yes. I can offer talks on training and career options and I can also offer lessons or one off workshops in Dance or Pilates. Please send me a message via my contact form to discuss booking me for a workshop or talk.
  • Where did you train for your Dance qualifications?
    I undertook my BA (hons) in Dance at Surrey University in Guildford and I gained my PGCE from the Royal Academy of Dance.
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